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English Historical Linguistics: Change in structure and meaning. Papers from the XXth ICEHL

Edited by Bettelou Los, Claire Cowie, Patrick Honeybone and Graeme Trousdale

[Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, 358] 2022. viii, 349 pp.
Subjects English linguistics | Germanic linguistics | Historical linguistics

English Historical Linguistics: Historical English in contact. Papers from the XXth ICEHL

Edited by Bettelou Los, Chris Cummins, Lisa Gotthard, Alpo Honkapohja and Benjamin Molineaux

[Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, 359] 2022. vi, 185 pp.
Subjects English linguistics | Germanic linguistics | Historical linguistics
Subjects Historical linguistics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics

Linguistics in the Netherlands 2007

Edited by Bettelou Los and Marjo van Koppen

[Linguistics in the Netherlands, 24] 2007. viii, 247 pp.
Subjects Theoretical linguistics

Linguistics in the Netherlands 2006

Edited by Jeroen van de Weijer and Bettelou Los

[Linguistics in the Netherlands, 23] 2006. viii, 248 pp.
Subjects Theoretical linguistics


Los, Bettelou and Patrick Honeybone 2022 Introduction: English Historical Linguistics at 20 ICEHLsEnglish Historical Linguistics: Change in structure and meaning, Los, Bettelou, Claire Cowie, Patrick Honeybone and Graeme Trousdale (eds.), pp. 1–12
Sánchez Argüelles, Gerardo and Bettelou Los 2022 Incipient articles in Old East Scandinavian varietiesNOWELE 75:2, pp. 160–193
This is a study of the semantics of definiteness marking and of its applicability to the Old East Scandinavian linguistic scenario. Contrary to the Modern Continental Scandinavian languages, Old East Scandinavian varieties did not possess fully-fledged definite articles, although all three… read more | Article
Los, Bettelou 2018 Chapter 1. “Permissive” subjects and the decline of adverbial linking in the history of EnglishExplorations in English Historical Syntax, Cuyckens, Hubert, Hendrik De Smet, Liesbet Heyvaert and Charlotte Maekelberghe (eds.), pp. 23–50
Earlier work by Los and Dreschler (2012) and Komen et al. (2014) offered quantitative evidence of a decline in clause-initial adverbials as discourse linkers in the history of English, and argued that subjects have taken over much of the function of discourse linking that was earlier performed by… read more | Chapter
Los, Bettelou and Pieter de Haan 2017 Chapter 1. IntroductionWord Order Change in Acquisition and Language Contact: Essays in honour of Ans van Kemenade, Los, Bettelou and Pieter de Haan (eds.), pp. 1–5
This paper discusses the development and structural properties of verb + particle combinations in various creole languages for which Dutch was the main lexifier: Afrikaans, Berbice Dutch Creole, and Virgin Islands Dutch Creole (Negerhollands). In addition, it examines creole languages which have… read more | Chapter
This chapter builds on various suggestions in the literature that the syntax of the Old English poem Beowulf is constrained by its metre, an inheritance from Common Germanic. The differences are particularly evident in the position of the finite verb. An inventory of how clauses map into the a–… read more | Chapter
Komen, Erwin R., Rosanne Hebing, Ans M.C. van Kemenade and Bettelou Los 2014 Quantifying information structure change in EnglishInformation Structure and Syntactic Change in Germanic and Romance Languages, Bech, Kristin and Kristine Gunn Eide (eds.), pp. 81–110
The verb-second constraint in Old and Middle English made available a special clause-initial position that could host more than just the subject. Los (2009) suggests that this position served a discourse-linking function, expressed by, for instance, an adverbial. This allowed the subject to be… read more | Article
First language learners are “morphology machines,” but second language learners are not. This phenomenon is at the heart of those cases of exaptation (in the sense of Lass 1990) where a loss in morphology due to language contact (second language acquisition) triggers new interpretations of… read more | Article
Verheijen, Lieke, Bettelou Los and Pieter de Haan 2013 Information Structure: The final hurdle? The development of syntactic structures in (very) advanced Dutch EFL writingWriting Assessment in Higher Education, Weltens, Bert, Jos Hornikx, Wander Lowie, Petra Poelmans and Rebecca L. Present-Thomas (eds.), pp. 92–107
Although texts produced by (very) advanced Dutch learners of English as a foreign language (EFL) may be perfectly grammatical, they often feel distinctly non-native. Dutch, as a verb-second language, makes separate positions available for discourse linking and aboutness-topics. Although the English… read more | Article
This paper argues that English phrasal verbs represent a grammaticalization, from Phrase to Head, of a complex predicate construction. Predicates and the particles of phrasal verbs share a number of striking quirks: syntactically, both may appear with “unselected objects” and, semantically, both… read more | Article
Los, Bettelou 2007 To as a connective in the history of EnglishConnectives in the History of English, Lenker, Ursula and Anneli Meurman-Solin (eds.), pp. 31–60
Los, Bettelou 2000 Onginnan/beginnan with bare and to-infinitive in ÆlfricPathways of Change: Grammaticalization in English, Fischer, Olga, Anette Rosenbach and Dieter Stein (eds.), pp. 251–274