Peter Muntigl

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Subjects Cognitive psychology | Discourse studies | Pragmatics | Sociolinguistics and Dialectology
Subjects Industrial & organizational studies | Pragmatics


Creating and maintaining a positive therapist-client relationship is considered to be essential in achieving therapeutic success, whereas damage to this relationship and the inability to repair disaffiliative episodes may have detrimental effects. So far, very little research has focused on how the… read more | Chapter
Our paper investigates interpreter-mediated communication as intercultural dialogue in psychotherapy and assessments of cognitive functioning. We rely on previously published data to demonstrate the characteristics of communication in this setting and point to challenges relating to the validity… read more | Article
Muntigl, Peter, Naomi Knight and Ashley Watkins 2014 Empathic practices in client-centred psychotherapies: Displaying understanding and affiliation with clientsDiscourses of Helping Professions, Graf, Eva-Maria, Marlene Sator and Thomas Spranz-Fogasy (eds.), pp. 33–57
We explore how client-centred empathy is practiced within a specific interaction type: troubles telling sequences. Building on the work of Carl Rogers, who viewed empathy as a form of understanding that privileges the client’s point of view, empathy is examined as an interactional achievement in… read more | Article
Muntigl, Peter, Naomi Knight and Ashley Watkins 2012 Working to keep aligned in psychotherapy: Using nods as a dialogic resource to display affiliationDialogue and Representation, Létourneau, Alain and François Cooren (eds.), pp. 9–27
We examine therapist nods in terms of how they display and maintain affiliation with clients in contexts in which therapists reformulate clients’ prior talk. We found that therapist nods functioned to maintain affiliation with clients irrespective of whether clients aligned (e.g., confirmed) or… read more | Article
Muntigl, Peter and Eija Ventola 2010 Grammar: A neglected resource in interaction analysis?New Adventures in Language and Interaction, Streeck, Jürgen (ed.), pp. 99–124
Our aim in this paper is to explore the variety of ways in which grammar can be used as a resource for interaction. We propose that a grammatical analysis of social interaction needs to take two perspectives into account. The first involves showing how the meaning of a grammatical unit depends on… read more | Article
In Berry’s (1981) classic work on exchange structure, it was argued that knowledge exchanges consist of some conversational participant who already knows the information and some conversational participant to whom the information is imparted. The former participant is commonly termed the primary… read more | Article
Muntigl, Peter 2007 A metapragmatic examination of therapist reformulationsMetapragmatics in Use, Bublitz, Wolfram and Axel Hübler (eds.), pp. 235–262
Muntigl, Peter 2004 Modelling Multiple Semiotic Systems: The Case of Gesture and SpeechPerspectives on Multimodality, Ventola, Eija, Cassily Charles and Martin Kaltenbacher (eds.), pp. 31–50