Johann-Mattis List

List of John Benjamins publications for which Johann-Mattis List plays a role.



Bodt, Timotheus A. and Johann-Mattis List 2022 Reflex prediction: A case study of Western Kho-BwaDiachronica 39:1, pp. 1–38
While analysing lexical data of Western Kho-Bwa languages of the Sino-Tibetan or Trans-Himalayan family with the help of a computer-assisted approach for historical language comparison, we observed gaps in the data where one or more varieties lacked forms for certain concepts. We employed a new… read more | Article
Jacques, Guillaume and Johann-Mattis List 2019 Save the trees: Why we need tree models in linguistic reconstruction (and when we should apply them)Understanding language genealogy: Alternatives to the tree model, Kalyan, Siva, Alexandre François and Harald Hammarström (eds.), pp. 128–167
Skepticism regarding the tree model has a long tradition in historical linguistics. Although scholars have emphasized that the tree model and its long-standing counterpart, the wave theory, are not necessarily incompatible, the opinion that family trees are unrealistic and should be completely… read more | Article