Shaw N. Gynan

List of John Benjamins publications for which Shaw N. Gynan plays a role.


Gynan, Shaw N. 2021 Chapter 11. Twenty years of Guaraní-Spanish bilingual education in ParaguayAspects of Latin American Spanish Dialectology: In honor of Terrell A. Morgan, Díaz-Campos, Manuel and Sandro Sessarego (eds.), pp. 241–274 | Chapter
The Paraguayan constitution instituted Guaraní-Spanish bilingualism in 1992. Although law provides for Guaraní literacy instruction with Spanish as a second language, the de facto model for the two decades following officialization was one of Spanish literacy instruction with Guaraní as a second… read more
Gynan, Shaw N. and Ernesto Luís López Almada 2020 Chapter 9. The glottal stop in Guaraní and Paraguayan SpanishSpanish Phonetics and Phonology in Contact: Studies from Africa, the Americas, and Spain, Rao, Rajiv (ed.), pp. 227–262 | Chapter
This study documents the use of [ʔ] in Paraguay, analyzing its distribution among four phonetic contexts: word-internal (Guaraní), phrase-initial (Guaraní and Spanish), synalepha (Guaraní and Spanish), and linking (Spanish). In each context, [ʔ]’s distribution is analyzed by following stress and… read more