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The Body in Description of Emotion: Cross-linguistic studies

Edited by N.J. Enfield and Anna Wierzbicka

Special issue of Pragmatics & Cognition 10:1/2 (2002) vi, 369 pp.
Subjects Cognitive linguistics | Pragmatics | Semantics


de Sousa, Hilário, François Langella and N.J. Enfield 2015 Temperature terms in Lao, Southern Zhuang, Southern Pinghua and CantoneseThe Linguistics of Temperature, Koptjevskaja-Tamm, Maria (ed.), pp. 594–638 | Article
Lao, Southern Zhuang, Southern Pinghua and Cantonese are four languages spoken in Mainland Southeast Asia. The study of the temperature systems in these four languages – two from the Tai family and two from the Sinitic family – provides an interesting test case for the areal study of temperature… read more
Enfield, N.J. 2014 Human agency and the infrastructure for requestsRequesting in Social Interaction, Drew, Paul and Elizabeth Couper-Kuhlen (eds.), pp. 35–54 | Article
This chapter discusses some of the elements of human sociality that serve as the social and cognitive infrastructure or preconditions for the use of requests and other kinds of recruitments in interaction. The notion of an agent with goals is a canonical starting point, though importantly agency… read more
Enfield, N.J. 2011 7. Description of reciprocal situations in LaoReciprocals and Semantic Typology, Evans, Nicholas, Alice Gaby, Stephen C. Levinson and Asifa Majid (eds.), pp. 129–148 | Article
This article describes the grammatical resources available to speakers of Lao for describing situations that can be described broadly as ‘reciprocal’. The analysis is based on complementary methods: elicitation by means of non-linguistic stimuli, exploratory consultation with native speakers, and… read more
Enfield, N.J. 2007 The Paradox of Being OrdinaryIn gesprek, pp. 9–23 | Article
This article examines how speakers of Lao (a Southwestern Tai language spoken in Laos, Thailand, and Cambodia) make references to persons in the course of everyday conversation. This seemingly simple referential problem turns out to be a rich locus of meaning in the domain of human social relations. read more
Enfield, N.J. 2002 3. Combinatoric Properties of Natural Semantic Metalanguage Expressions in LaoMeaning and Universal Grammar: Theory and empirical findings, Goddard, Cliff and Anna Wierzbicka (eds.), pp. 145–256 | Article
‘Lip-pointing’ is a widespread but little-documented form of deictic gesture, which may involve not just protruding one or both lips, but also raising the head, sticking out the chin, lifting the eyebrows, among other things. This paper discusses form and function of lip-pointing with reference to… read more
Investigation of the emotions entails reference to words and expressions conventionally used for the description of emotion experience. Important methodological issues arise for emotion researchers, and the issues are of similarly central concern in linguistic semantics more generally. I argue… read more
Enfield, N.J. and Anna Wierzbicka 2002 Introduction: The body in description of emotionThe Body in Description of Emotion: Cross-linguistic studies, Enfield, N.J. and Anna Wierzbicka (eds.), pp. 1–25 | Article
Anthropologists and linguists have long been aware that the body is explicitly referred to in conventional description of emotion in languages around the world. There is abundant linguistic data showing expression of emotions in terms of their imagined ‘locus’ in the physical body. The most… read more
Enfield, N.J. 2000 On linguocentrismExplorations in Linguistic Relativity, Pütz, Martin and Marjolijn H. Verspoor (eds.), pp. 125 ff. | Article