Martin Thiering

List of John Benjamins publications for which Martin Thiering plays a role.


Thiering, Martin 2014 Cognitive maps of landmark orientationMultilingual Cognition and Language Use: Processing and typological perspectives, Filipović, Luna and Martin Pütz (eds.), pp. 151–182
This chapter focuses on the linguistic representation of environmental landmarks and topographical coordinates in two unrelated cultures, Eipo and Dene. It explores the degree to which environmental experience of landmarks and spatial orientation are reflected as cognitive maps. Furthermore,… read more | Article
Thiering, Martin 2009 21. Language loss in spatial semantics: Dene SųłinéVariation in Indigenous Minority Languages, Stanford, James N. and Dennis R. Preston (eds.), pp. 485–516
This paper presents a cognitive semantic description of the ongoing process of language loss in the encoding of spatial topological relations in a Northern Athapaskan language, Dene Sųłiné. Using the Topological Relation Markers elicitation tool (Pederson, Wilkins & Bowerman 1998), results are… read more | Article