Osamu Ishiyama

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Subjects Functional linguistics | Historical linguistics | Japanese linguistics | Pragmatics | Semantics | Theoretical linguistics


Ishiyama, Osamu 2014 The nature of speaker creativity in linguistic innovationUsage-Based Approaches to Language Change, Coussé, Evie and Ferdinand von Mengden (eds.), pp. 147–166 | Article
Deliberate speaker creativity, generally understood as the use of items with fuller lexical meanings in order to be expressive, plays a prominent role in many usage-based approaches to language change. However, the lack of consensus regarding its nature created confusions among researchers. This… read more
It is well known that demonstratives are the cross-linguistically common source of third person pronouns due to the functional similarity between them. For this reason, they are morphologically related to or formally indistinguishable from one another in many languages. First and second person… read more