Sally Dixon

List of John Benjamins publications for which Sally Dixon plays a role.


Dixon, Sally 2023 Alyawarr English: A new contact language of Central AustraliaAustralian Contact Languages, O'Shannessy, Carmel, Denise Angelo and Jane Simpson (eds.), pp. 149–186 | Article
This paper explores Alyawarr English, a new contact language spoken in Ipmangker, a remote Alyawarr community of Central Australia. Focusing on language use by children and drawing on a corpus of 50+ hrs of naturalistic video recordings, several aspects of Alyawarr English are examined in detail. read more
As part of the ‘Bridging the Language Gap’ project undertaken with 86 State and Catholic schools across Queensland, the language competencies of Indigenous students have been found to be ‘invisible’ in several key and self-reinforcing ways in school system data. A proliferation of inaccurate,… read more
Within the Australian education system, Aboriginal students’ use of non-standard English features is often viewed simplistically as evidence of non-attainment of literacy and oral-English milestones. One reason for this is the widespread use of assessment tools which fail to differentiate between… read more