Beatrix Busse

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Subjects Discourse studies | English linguistics | Germanic linguistics | Historical linguistics | Pragmatics


This paper aims to assist future organizers of international online conferences with designing and realizing these events. On the basis of the authors’ experience of having to move a corpus linguistics conference – originally planned as a physical event – into the digital space, this paper… read more
Busse, Beatrix, Kirsten Gather and Ingo Kleiber 2019 Paradigm shifts in 19th-century British grammar writing: A network of texts and authorsNorms and Conventions in the History of English, Bös, Birte and Claudia Claridge (eds.), pp. 49–72 | Chapter
Systematic and comprehensive linguistic studies of 19th-century British grammar books are scarce. This is surprising since the 19th century has often been claimed to constitute a turning point in English grammar writing, particularly due to the assumed paradigm shift from prescriptive works to… read more
Busse, Beatrix 2011 WRITING is medicine: Blending cognitive and corpus stylisticsBi-Directionality in the Cognitive Sciences: Avenues, challenges, and limitations, Callies, Marcus, Wolfram R. Keller and Astrid Lohöfer (eds.), pp. 121–156 | Article
This chapter investigates Paul Auster’s novels The Brooklyn Follies (2006) and The Book of Illusions (2002) from a cognitive stylistic and corpus stylistic perspective. The first section shows that, following Fauconnier and Turner’s (2002) approach to blending, the blend of writing is medicine, and… read more