Alena V. Anishchanka

List of John Benjamins publications for which Alena V. Anishchanka plays a role.


Thewissen, Jennifer and Alena V. Anishchanka 2022 Interaction between grammatical accuracy and syntactic complexity at different proficiency levels: Insights from a learner corpusComplexity, Accuracy and Fluency in Learner Corpus Research, Leńko-Szymańska, Agnieszka and Sandra Götz (eds.), pp. 209–240 | Chapter
This learner corpus study tracks the development and interactional dynamics between grammatical accuracy (GrA) and syntactic complexity (SC) at four Common European Framework proficiency levels (intermediate and advanced levels B1/B2/C1/C2). Data from the International Corpus of Learner English… read more
Anishchanka, Alena V., Dirk Speelman and Dirk Geeraerts 2015 Usage-related variation in the referential range of blue in marketing contextSensory Perceptions in Language and Cognition, Caballero, Rosario and Carita Paradis (eds.), pp. 20–43 | Article
The paper explores language-internal variation in the referential meaning of the lexical form blue. Taking a usage-based cognitive approach, we analyze the referential range of blue in several marketing contexts from a semasiological and an onomasiological perspective. The study develops an… read more
Anishchanka, Alena V., Dirk Speelman and Dirk Geeraerts 2014 Referential meaning in basic and non-basic color termsColour Studies: A broad spectrum, Anderson, Wendy, Carole P. Biggam, Carole Hough and Christian Kay (eds.), pp. 323–338 | Article
The chapter presents a linguistic analysis of the referential meanings in the semasiological structure of basic and non-basic color terms in a specific usage situation such as marketing. Although most linguistic studies share the assumption about the central role of the reference-related aspects in… read more
Anishchanka, Alena V. 2007 Color words in painting descriptions: Some linguistic evidence for entity-like conceptualizationAnthropology of Color: Interdisciplinary multilevel modeling, MacLaury, Robert E., Galina V. Paramei and Don Dedrick (eds.), pp. 379–393 | Article
The chapter contains linguistic analysis of a sample of 100 catalogue entries written for three American museums to describe individual paintings. The aim of the study is to investigate the use of color words by art critics and painters in American English. Results of the analysis indicate an… read more