Frank Jansen

List of John Benjamins publications for which Frank Jansen plays a role.


The influence of the bulleted list format on recall and evaluation of functional text (i.e., health flyers, direct mail letters, and recipes) is investigated in five studies in which the same series of components, formatted as enumerations in a paragraph, function as the control condition. In three… read more
It is the desk editor’s task to revise the press releases presented to the newspaper in order to get news stories that are fit to print. What does that mean: Revise? This question is answered by a corpus study of appositions in press releases and the news stories that are based on them. The… read more
Houtkoop, Hanneke, Frank Jansen and Anja Walstock 2005 Collaborative problem description in help desk callsCalling for Help: Language and social interaction in telephone helplines, Baker, Carolyn, Michael Emmison and Alan Firth (eds.), pp. 63–89 | Article
Jansen, Frank 2005 Subject–Object ambiguities in spoken and written DutchLinguistics in the Netherlands 2005, Doetjes, Jenny and Jeroen van de Weijer (eds.), pp. 99–109 | Article
In this contribution, I give a sketchy account, based on personal experiences, of four characteristics of electronic texts and the problems they pose for composers and readers: 1. Discussion lists on Internet forums, and the problem of recovering interesting fragments; 2. The (overused) bulleted… read more
Jansen, Frank 2003 Sentence processing theories and the position of complex constituents in Dutch textsLinguistics in the Netherlands 2003, Cornips, Leonie and Paula Fikkert (eds.), pp. 83–92 | Article
Verkuyl, Henk J., Maarten Janssen and Frank Jansen 2003 6.4 The codification of usage by labelsA Practical Guide to Lexicography, Sterkenburg, Piet van (ed.), pp. 297–311 | Chapter
Jansen, Frank 2001 The textlinguistic function of attributive past participlesLinguistics in the Netherlands 2001, Wouden, Ton van der and Hans Broekhuis (eds.), pp. 151–158 | Article
Jansen, Frank 2001 7. The lack of clarity in a sentence: The style of official documents in DutchReading and Writing Public Documents, Janssen, Daniël and Rob Neutelings (eds.), pp. 125–145 | Chapter
Jansen, Frank and Leo Lentz 2001 Present participles as iconic expressionsThe Motivated Sign, Fischer, Olga and Max Nänny (eds.), pp. 277–288 | Article
The official rules for the orthography prescribe dutchified forms for some loanwords and source language orthographies for others. Experts feel that this deficiency of the spelling system is the most obvious candidate for a forth-coming revision. In this paper we examine a source of variation in… read more
F. Jansen:The relation between potential and realised constructions as measuring problem in the sociolinguistic approach of syntax This paper aims at drawing attention to some differences between words and sentences which make a sociolinguistic investigation into syntactic variation more difficult… read more