Christopher Kennedy

List of John Benjamins publications for which Christopher Kennedy plays a role.


McNabb, Yaron and Christopher Kennedy 2011 Extraction and deletion in Palestinian Arabic comparativesPerspectives on Arabic Linguistics: Papers from the annual symposia on Arabic Linguistics, Broselow, Ellen and Hamid Ouali (eds.), pp. 149–166 | Article
Quantity and quality adjectives have a different distribution in comparative constructions that are headed by ma ‘that’ in Palestinian Arabic. The different distribution can be explained in configurational terms: The internal structure of the DP prohibits the movement of quality adjectives but not… read more
Kennedy, Christopher 2003 Ellipsis and syntactic representationThe Interfaces: Deriving and interpreting omitted structures, Schwabe, Kerstin and Susanne Winkler (eds.), pp. 29–53 | Article
Kennedy, Christopher 2001 On the monotonicity of polar adjectivesPerspectives on Negation and Polarity Items, Hoeksema, Jack, Hotze Rullmann, Víctor Sánchez-Valencia and Ton van der Wouden (eds.), pp. 201–221 | Article