David Sless

List of John Benjamins publications for which David Sless plays a role.



Sless, David 2023 Pondering a persistent paradigmInformation Design Journal 28:2, pp. 113–114 | Editorial
Sless, David 2022 Wayfinding and waygivingInformation Design Journal 27:2, pp. 141–143 | Editorial
Sless, David 2019 IDJ at my sideInformation Design Journal 25:3, pp. 326–330 | Article
David Sless’s journey to information designer coincides with the history of IDJ. David’s first paper was published in the second issue (1979). David’s journey alongside IDJ included the generosity of Peter Simlinger of IIID (1980s) and the encouragement of Paul Stiff of Reading University (1990s). read more
Sless, David 2017 From Semiotics to ChoreographySemiotics: A way of thinking & approaching information design, Farias, Priscila Lena and João Queiroz (eds.), pp. 173–183 | Article
Sless, David 2008 Measuring information designHighlights of Vision Plus 12: Information Design - Achieving Measurable Results, Strand, Lennart and Peter Simlinger (eds.), pp. 250–258 | Article
This paper was originally given as a keynote presentation to the IIID Vision Plus 12 Conference held in Schwarzenberg, Vorarlberg, Austria in 2007. Presentations are not papers and in some respects they do not translate one into the other. I have edited it for this Journal as a stand-alone piece;… read more
Sless, David 2004 Designing public documentsInformation Design Journal 12:1, pp. 24–35 | Article
Sless, David 1998 A rejoinder from David SlessInformation Design Journal 9:1, pp. 27–28 | Miscellaneous
Sless, David 1996 Early travels through information designInformation Design Journal 8:3, pp. 228–232 | Article
Sless, David 1991 Designing a new bill for Telecom AustraliaInformation Design Journal 6:3, pp. 255–257 | Article
Fisher, Phil and David Sless 1990 Information design methods and productivity in the insurance industryInformation Design Journal 6:2, pp. 103–129 | Article
This paper discusses the management and execution of an information design project, undertaken in Australia, for a large insurance company. The project provided the opportunity to use well developed principles of information design, project planning and management, and methods for dealing with… read more
Sless, David 1986 Reading semioticsInformation Design Journal 4:3, pp. 179–189 | Article
This paper presents a general and non-technical overview of semiotics and its recent history. The importance of Peirce and Saussure as founding fathers of contemporary semiotics is discussed and the debate they precipitated is mapped out including some of the peculiar characteristics of semiotics… read more
Sless, David 1984 SortsInformation Design Journal 4:2, pp. 172–173 | Miscellaneous
Sless, David and Ian McLaren 1980 Communications to the editorInformation Design Journal 1:4, pp. 285–288 | Miscellaneous
This paper reports an experimental pedagogic investigation of design behaviour. The subjects were design students and they were required to modify an image on the basis of feedback from a target audience. Results showed a consistent improvement in performance of the image with successive… read more