Carel Jansen

List of John Benjamins publications for which Carel Jansen plays a role.



Jansen, Carel 2023 Using a U-turn construction in information designInformation Design Journal 28:3, pp. 195–199 | Introduction
Interpersonal communication has been shown to influence health campaign outcomes, but little is known about ways in which conversations can actually be elicited. In this correlational study, we tested the assumption that perceived complexity of the message can be a predictor of interpersonal… read more
Ooms, Joëlle, Carel Jansen and John Hoeks 2015 The EPPM put to the test: Evaluating four basic propositionsDutch Journal of Applied Linguistics 4:2, pp. 241–256 | Article
Fear appeals are frequently used in health communication, for example in anti-smoking campaigns. Of the different theoretical models that predict and explain how fear appeals work, the Extended Parallel Process Model (EPPM; Witte, 1992) is probably used most often. However, most propositions of the… read more
Jansen, Carel, Hans Hoeken, Dineke Ehlers and Frans van der Slik 2008 7. Cultural differences in the perceptions of fear and efficacy in South AfricaAdapting Health Communication to Cultural Needs: Optimizing documents in South-African health communication on HIV and AIDS, Swanepoel, Piet and Hans Hoeken (eds.), pp. 107–128 | Article
Recent meta-analyses of HIV/AIDS health communication show that fear appeals have a negative effect on condom use. It has been argued that these negative effects may apply to certain behaviors (condom use) but not to others (e.g., sexual abstinence), and that these negative effects occur for… read more
Swanepoel, Piet, Marije Burger, Anne Loohuis and Carel Jansen 2008 6. Promoting VCT among South African students: Are we missing the message?Adapting Health Communication to Cultural Needs: Optimizing documents in South-African health communication on HIV and AIDS, Swanepoel, Piet and Hans Hoeken (eds.), pp. 89–105 | Article
Mass media campaigns promoting VCT (Voluntary Counselling and Testing) form a cornerstone of the efforts to curb the spread of HIV in South Africa. In this chapter the focus falls on determinants of South African students’ VCT uptake and on the efficacy of a brochure that aims to persuade them to… read more
Jansen, Carel, Robert Schreuder and Anneke Neijt 2007 The influence of spelling conventions on perceived plurality in compounds: A comparison of Afrikaans and DutchConstraints on Spelling Changes, Nottbusch, Guido and Eliane Segers (eds.), pp. 185–194 | Article
Dutch compounds with ‘e’ or ‘en’ as linking element between modifier and head were presented to mother tongue speakers of Afrikaans in an experimental setting that explored the possibility that these different spelling formats would suggest a singular or plural meaning of the modifier. The… read more
Pair, Rob Le, Carel Jansen, Hubert Korzilius, Jolanda van Gerdingen, Susanne de Graaf and Rentia Visser 2007 Information Mapping: Effects of text features and reader characteristics on performance and appreciationInformation Design Journal 15:1, pp. 69–83 | Article
In a previous study, no effects were found applying Information Mapping® (IMAP) to a relatively short text. In three new experiments, we investigated whether text length and the presence or absence of typical IMAP format features would influence possible IMAP effects, and if there would be any… read more
Jansen, Carel, Mariet Berg, Chèr Buurman and Martine Smits 2006 The Scarier, the better? Effects of adding images to verbal warnings on cigarette packagesInformation and Document Design: Varieties on Recent Research, Carliner, Saul, Jan Piet Verckens and Cathy de Waele (eds.), pp. 129–147 | Article
Jansen, Carel, Hubert Korzilius, Rob Le Pair and Miranda Roest 2003 Testing an Information Mapping® text: Does the method live up to the expectations?Document Design 4:1, pp. 48–59 | Article
Jansen, Carel and Stephan Balijon 2002 How do people use instruction guides? Confirming and disconfirming patterns of useDocument Design 3:3, pp. 194–204 | Article
Jansen, Carel and Michaël F. Steehouder 2001 2. How research can lead to better government formsReading and Writing Public Documents, Janssen, Daniël and Rob Neutelings (eds.), pp. 11–36 | Chapter
This paper proposes that bureaucratic texts (texts which explain government schemes and regulations) should benefit from principles developed for instructional text. Some principles f or instructional bureaucratic texts are proposed, and a design procedure is suggested that aims to determine the… read more
Jansen, Carel and Michaël F. Steehouder 1984 Improving the text of a public leafletInformation Design Journal 4:1, pp. 10–18 | Article
In this article a provisional set of eight criteria is proposed for the analysis and the design of texts in the field of public information. To test the value of this set of criteria, an experiment was carried out concerning a Dutch leaflet on a regulation on Rent Rebate Grants. Rewriting the… read more
To identify problems that citizens meet when reading a public leaf-let, we invited some subjects to participate in a thinking aloud experiment. They were asked to find out if a Dutch regulation on Rent Rebate Grants would apply in the situation of a certain Mr. De Vries. The thinking aloud… read more