Bert Botma

Bert Botma

List of John Benjamins publications for which Bert Botma plays a role.


Linguistics in the Netherlands 2009

Edited by Bert Botma and Jacqueline van Kampen

[Linguistics in the Netherlands, 26] 2009. v, 148 pp.
Subjects Theoretical linguistics

Linguistics in the Netherlands 2008

Edited by Marjo van Koppen and Bert Botma

[Linguistics in the Netherlands, 25] 2008. 190 pp.
Subjects Theoretical linguistics


Kok, Kenneth de, Bert Botma and Marijn van 't Veer. 2018. Glides and laryngeals as a structural class. Linguistics in the Netherlands 2018, Le Bruyn, Bert and Janine Berns (eds.), pp. 51–64
Phonological processes typically affect natural classes of sounds, with the members of such classes sharing some phonetic property to the exclusion of other sounds. Recent typological work shows that not all phonological classes are natural, however (Mielke 2008). This paper considers the class of… read more | Article
Shiraishi, Hidetoshi and Bert Botma. 2017. On the diachronic origin of Nivkh height restrictions. Sonic Signatures: Studies dedicated to John Harris, Lindsey, Geoff and Andrew Nevins (eds.), pp. 201–214
Nivkh, a genetic isolate spoken in the Russian Far East, displays a pattern of stress-dependent height restrictions in a linguistic area where tongue-root harmony is prevalent. We argue that the Nivkh pattern derives from an earlier tongue-root system. This system developed into a height-based… read more | Chapter
Botma, Bert and Marijn van 't Veer. 2013. A fraction too much friction: The phonological status of voiced fricatives. Linguistics in the Netherlands 2013, Aalberse, Suzanne and Anita Auer (eds.), pp. 46–60
Typological work shows that voiced fricatives like /β ð/ occur more often without their voiceless counterparts than with them, contrary to what would be expected on the basis of markedness relations between voicing and obstruents. This paper suggests that many of the offending fricatives are more… read more | Article
Botma, Bert and Norval Smith. 2007. A dependency-based typology of nasalisation and voicing phenomena. Linguistics in the Netherlands 2007, Los, Bettelou and Marjo van Koppen (eds.), pp. 36–48
Botma, Bert and Norval Smith. 2006. A dependency account of the fortis–lenis contrast in Cama. Linguistics in the Netherlands 2006, Weijer, Jeroen van de and Bettelou Los (eds.), pp. 15–27
Botma, Bert and Erik Jan van der Torre. 2000. The prosodic interpretation of sonorants in Dutch. Linguistics in the Netherlands 2000, Hoop, Helen de and Ton van der Wouden (eds.), pp. 17–29