Philipp Hofeneder

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One way of doing research on translation history is to measure and analyse translations (for a classic example see Pym and Chrupała 2005). This quantitative approach normally focuses on published translations between different languages and as such is limited in several respects. First, it… read more
Hofeneder, Philipp 2022 A cartography of translation: Visualizing translation spacesTranslation Spaces 11:2, pp. 157–183 | Article
Space as an epistemological category has a long history within the humanities in general and has attracted increasing attention more recently in translation studies. It has come to be understood predominantly as a discursive category (e.g., cultural spaces in a figurative sense) and the product… read more
Blum, Hanna and Philipp Hofeneder 2020 Specialized translators in the GDR: Professionals across politics, scientific knowledge and translatorial competenceTranslation and the cultural Cold War, Haddadian-Moghaddam, Esmaeil and Giles Scott-Smith (eds.), pp. 333–353 | Article
This article aims to show that not only was translation in the cultural Cold War used to manipulate ideologies across the Iron Curtain, but it also played a decisive role in establishing socialist structures in satellite states, including those involved with the transfer of knowledge, thus giving… read more
Hofeneder, Philipp 2020 Chapter 8. Knowledge transfer in the Soviet Union from the perspective of visual cultureTranslation in Knowledge, Knowledge in Translation, Sumillera, Rocío G., Jan Surman and Katharina Kühn (eds.), pp. 169–186 | Chapter
In a broad definition, translation encompasses the mediation of knowledge between (as well as within) different systems. An important but hitherto largely neglected aspect in this respect are illustrations. This chapter examines the role of illustrations in the transfer of knowledge, taking as a… read more
Translation played a constitutive role in the formation and further existence of the Soviet Union. From the very beginning up to the decline in 1991, it pervaded every aspect of life. Due to the language policy a huge amount of books, brochures and other publications were translated not only from… read more