Jorge Frascara

List of John Benjamins publications for which Jorge Frascara plays a role.



Frascara, Jorge 2019 Information design from my windowInformation Design Journal 25:3, pp. 335–348 | Article
Information Design and its supporting research developed in parallel. Information design cannot exist without research. During the last 50 years, the development of my information design practice was prompted and shaped by demanding interdisciplinary projects, by intelligent colleagues and… read more
Noël, Guillermina, Jorge Frascara and Clarence Wong 2019 Designing bowel preparation patient instructions to improve colon cancer detection: Evidence-based design criteria for patients’ documentsInformation Visualization, Dörk, Marian and Isabel Meirelles (eds.), pp. 110–121 | Article
Medical personnel usually write and design documents that inform physicians or patients about procedures or therapies. Document design, however, requires skills that are not normally applied, resulting in information that is often not used properly. This article describes a project developed by… read more
Frascara, Jorge 2017 Information design, research and practiceSemiotics: A way of thinking & approaching information design, Farias, Priscila Lena and João Queiroz (eds.), pp. 238–242 | Review
Frascara, Jorge 2014 InfoDesign Udlap 2014Information Design Journal 21:1, pp. 80–82 | Article
Frascara, Jorge and Guillermina Noël 2014 Lorri Zipperer (Editor) Knowledge management in HealthcareInformation Design Journal 21:3, pp. 300–301 | Review
Frascara, Jorge and Guillermina Noël 2010 Evaluation and design of a blood components transfusion request formHealthcare Information, Simlinger, Peter (ed.), pp. 241–249 | Article
Frascara, Jorge 2009 Inklings: From mind to page in researchInformation Design Journal 17:1, pp. 63–64 | Subsection
Frascara, Jorge 2009 Design research and academic disciplinesInformation Design Journal 17:1, pp. 62–63 | Subsection
Frascara, Jorge and Stan Ruecker 2007 Medical communications and information designInformation Design Journal 15:1, pp. 44–63 | Miscellaneous
An organization of pharmacists requested our services to improve the design of their printed communications to medical doctors, concerning the use of pharmaceutical drugs. Departing from a design process model developed by the Communication Research Institute of Australia, we selected an existing… read more
Frascara, Jorge 2000 Information design and cultural differenceInformation Design Journal 9:2/3, pp. 119–127 | Article
Information design has traditionally attempted to develop its methods by creating logical sequences and structures to organize both the content and visual presentation of information. Creating clusters, categories, sequences and hierarchies, designers have achieved highly efficient ways of… read more
Frascara, Jorge and Bonnie Sadler Takach 1993 The design of tactile map symbols for visually impaired peopleInformation Design Journal 7:1, pp. 67–75 | Article
Frascara, Jorge 1991 Design that makes a differenceInformation Design Journal 6:3, pp. 242–243 | Article