James Hartley

List of John Benjamins publications for which James Hartley plays a role.


In this paper I discuss the nature of psychology and the roles and skills that applied psychologists can bring to the area of text design. These skills, of course, need to be blended with those of the other members of the design team to produce effective text. read more | Article
In this article the author first outlines how difficulties in the design, layout, and oral presentation of tabular and diagrammatic materials on tape may interact with the experience and ability of the listener to form sources of difficulty in the comprehension of such information by the visually… read more | Article
This paper suggests how the findings of recent research on text design can be applied to the setting of braille. I describe how both the typographic layout and the use of 'access structures' can help readers to find their way around text, and I discuss the results of an experiment that investigated… read more | Article
The Information Mapping system of structured writing is described and reviewed. Various difficulties in accepting the system are listed and solutions suggested. Problems of evaluating the system are noted and further research questions posed. In conclusion, Information Mapping is seen as a valuable… read more | Article