Richard K. Lowe

List of John Benjamins publications for which Richard K. Lowe plays a role.


Animated graphics are a potentially powerful way to communicate information about subject matter involving change over time. However, their design currently relies largely on intuition and approaches applicable to static graphics. This article introduces a principled and empirically validated… read more | Article
Little is known about the influence of micro-level design factors on the effectiveness with which static and animated graphics support comprehension of dynamic information. Graphics are frequently used as adjuncts to written and spoken text with the aim of addressing any potential ambiguities that… read more | Article
A pictorial approach for introducing children to fundamental ideas about information design may present fewer problems for teachers than a verbal approach. In education generally, pictures have become a more pervasive feature of instructional strategies and resources. This article considers how… read more | Article
Diagrams are increasingly used to present complex and abstract information. Their ultimate success as tools for communication depends largely upon how effectively they can be processed in the mind of the viewer. The application of established principles of graphic design is a vital part of… read more | Article