Christopher Miller

List of John Benjamins publications for which Christopher Miller plays a role.


Blondel, Marion and Christopher Miller. 2009. Symmetry and children’s poetry in sign languages. Towards a Typology of Poetic Forms: From language to metrics and beyond, Aroui, Jean-Louis and Andy Arleo (eds.), pp. 143–164
Within the overall framework of research into properties common to poetic forms around the world, we concentrate here on the properties of symmetry and binarity. These two aspects of structure are general enough in nature to allow us to extend poetic analysis to Sign Languages (SLs), which are… read more | Article
Miller, Christopher. 2001. Section I: Some reflections on the need for a common sign notation. Sign Transcription and Database Storage of Sign Information, Bergman, Brita, Penny Boyes Braem, Thomas Hanke and Elena Antinoro Pizzuto (eds.), pp. 11–28
Since the original Stokoe notation, many new variants and transcription systems have been proposed: currently, HamNoSys and Stokoe derivatives are most widespread. Sign language research is in real need of a standard of its own. Exchanging data in a standard notation should save authors the time… read more | Article
Research over the past three decades has brought attention to various ways in which linguistic structures are exploited to build poetic form in sign languages. These include recurring patterns of phonological elements (similar to rhyme, alliteration or assonance) that play a role in the structure… read more | Article