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Sun, Xiaochun and Xinren Chen 2023 “Let’s … together”: Rapport management in Chinese directive public signsPragmatics 33:4, pp. 618–640 | Article
This study, drawing on a modified version of Spencer-Oatey’s Rapport Management Model (2008), attempts to probe into the underexplored phenomenon of apparent rapport management in Chinese directive public signs in terms of face, sociality rights and obligations, interests, and interactional… read more
Cheng, Ruixin and Xinren Chen 2022 ‘Suiran danshi’: A memetic contraction of paired connectives on Chinese social mediaMedia Language and Discourse in Cultural China, Wu, Doreen D., Ming Liu and David C.S. Li (eds.), pp. 58–78 | Article
‘Suiran danshi (‘although but’)’ used on Chinese social media is a novel variant of ‘suiran (‘although’)…danshi (‘but’)’, a typical pairing of adversative connectives in Mandarin Chinese. This article hypothesizes that ‘suiran danshi’ is a memetic expression resulting from pragmatic ellipsis and… read more
This study explores the performance and relational role of toast intervention in Chinese dining contexts. The analysis of both interactional data and post-event interview data indicates that the detection of moral transgression and moral identification may outweigh the power relationship and… read more
Feng, Wenjing and Xinren Chen 2020 Identity (self-)deconstruction in Chinese police’s civil conflict mediationPragmatics 30:3, pp. 326–350 | Article
While recent pragmatic research on identity in discourse mainly focuses on ubiquitous construction of one’s own or others’ identity, inadequate attention has been directed to the frequently occurring deconstruction of self-constructed and other-assigned identities. Drawing on transcripts of… read more
A common Chinese addressing practice is to address non-kin people with kinship terms, a phenomenon sometimes described as ‘kinship term generalization’. Previous studies have mainly focused on the characteristics and functions of kinship term generalization, confined to certain specific… read more
This study examines an unexplored type of speech act named jian, which took place uniquely in the context of ancient China. Taking it as a Power Threatening Act rather than a commonly studied Face Threatening Act, this study examined remonstrators’ strategic modulation of their jian, and the… read more
Based on Swales’ (1990, 2004) CARS model, this study examines 95 research articles (RAs) published by Chinese English-language writers doing Applied Linguistics across three periods of time to find out whether and to what extent they move over time towards the conventional construction of the… read more