Stavroula Stavrakaki

List of John Benjamins publications for which Stavroula Stavrakaki plays a role.


Subjects Language acquisition | Language disorders & speech pathology | Theoretical linguistics


Stavrakaki, Stavroula. 2015. Introduction. Specific Language Impairment: Current trends in research, Stavrakaki, Stavroula (ed.), pp. 1–6
Talli, Ioanna, Liliane Sprenger-Charolles and Stavroula Stavrakaki. 2015. Is there an overlap between Specific Language Impairment and Developmental Dyslexia? New insights from French. Specific Language Impairment: Current trends in research, Stavrakaki, Stavroula (ed.), pp. 57–88
Reading skills (word reading and reading comprehension), phonological short-term memory (STM), listening comprehension and oral expression were examined in two clinical groups (one with Specific Language Impairment [SLI] and one with Developmental Dyslexia [DD]) in both a group study and a… read more | Article
Stavrakaki, Stavroula and Harald Clahsen. 2009. Inflection in Williams Syndrome: The Perfective Past Tense in Greek. The Mental Lexicon 4:2, pp. 215–238
This study presents experimental results from elicited production and judgment tasks examining perfective past-tense forms of Greek in seven individuals with Williams Syndrome (WS) in comparison to three age groups of typically-developing children. We found that the WS group relied more on the… read more | Article
Stavrakaki, Stavroula. 2004. Wh-questions in Greek children withWilliams syndrome: A comparison with SLI and normal development. Williams Syndrome across Languages, Bartke, Susanne and Julia Siegmüller (eds.), pp. 295–318