Eleni Antonopoulou

List of John Benjamins publications for which Eleni Antonopoulou plays a role.


Antonopoulou, Eleni and Kiki Nikiforidou 2002 Deictic motion and the adoption of perspective in GreekPragmatics 12:3, pp. 273–295 | Article
In this paper we examine the semantics-pragmatics of the deictic motion verb erxome ‘come’ in central and extended uses. We argue that a detailed language-specific analysis of erxome and its systemic counterpart pijeno ‘go’ is necessary, since even at the level of basic appropriateness conditions,… read more
Antonopoulou, Eleni 2001 Brief service encounters: Gender and politenessLinguistic Politeness Across Boundaries: The case of Greek and Turkish, Bayraktaroğlu, Arın and Maria Sifianou (eds.), pp. 241 ff. | Article