Asmah Haji Omar

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Identity and Communication in Asian Contexts

Edited by Asmah Haji Omar and Michael Dimitrios Hadzantonis

Special issue of Journal of Asian Pacific Communication 32:1 (2022) v, 191 pp.
Subjects Afro-Asiatic languages | Altaic languages | Communication Studies


Haji Omar, Asmah 2012 Chapter 9. Pragmatics of maintaining English in Malaysia’s education systemEnglish in Southeast Asia: Features, policy and language in use, Low, Ee-Ling and Azirah Hashim (eds.), pp. 155–174 | Chapter
The Malaysian government’s ruling that Malaysian schools use English as the medium for teaching Science and Mathematics (henceforth TSME) starting January 2003 had engendered various reactions (the switch back to Malay took place in 2010). These reactions, supportive or otherwise, cut across the… read more
English today certainly plays a wider range of roles than before. Due to these roles and to its neutrality in not being exclusively identified with any particular ethnic community in Malaysia, English is meant to be everyone’s language in as much as the national language is. In real life the… read more