James P. Lantolf

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An often-unquestioned assumption regarding psychological and linguistic development is that the interesting and relevant processes occur inside the head of the individual. It is a position that “fetishizes” the fact that development necessarily entails social relations as a component. Vygotsky, on… read more | Chapter
Lantolf, James P. and Mei-Hsing Tsai 2018 Chapter 2. L2 developmental education and systemic theoretical instruction: The case of English verb+noun collocationsUsage-inspired L2 Instruction: Researched pedagogy, Tyler, Andrea E., Lourdes Ortega, Mariko Uno and Hae In Park (eds.), pp. 29–53
One of the difficult problems for language learners to master in English is verb+noun collocations, particularly with regard to verbs such as make and do. Using the educational framework informed by sociocultural psychology referred to as systemic theoretical instruction (STI), this chapter… read more | Chapter