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Bilingualism: A framework for understanding the mental lexicon

Edited by Maya Libben, Mira Goral and Gary Libben

[Bilingual Processing and Acquisition, 6] 2017. xvii, 252 pp.
Subjects Morphology | Multilingualism | Psycholinguistics | Semantics


Most dictionary definitions for the term compound word characterize it as a word that itself contains two or more words. Thus, a compound word such as goldfish is composed of the constituent words gold and fish. In this report, we present evidence that compound words such as goldfish might not… read more | Article
Difficulty retrieving words that are known to the speaker is common in certain pathologies, such as aphasia and dementia, but may also occur in apathological change associated with healthy aging and with first language attrition. This chapter reviews findings from bilingual individuals who… read more | Chapter
Libben, Gary, Mira Goral and Harald Baayen. 2017. Morphological integration and the bilingual lexicon. Bilingualism: A framework for understanding the mental lexicon, Libben, Maya, Mira Goral and Gary Libben (eds.), pp. 197–216
In English, as in most of the world’s languages, the majority of words are multimorphemic. In the psycholinguistic literature on lexical processing in bilinguals, however, multimorphemic words have thus far received relatively little treatment. In this chapter, we discuss the opportunities that the… read more | Chapter
Libben, Maya, Mira Goral and Gary Libben. 2017. The dynamic lexicon: Complex words in bilingual minds. Bilingualism: A framework for understanding the mental lexicon, Libben, Maya, Mira Goral and Gary Libben (eds.), pp. 1–6
Goral, Mira, Avron Spiro III, Martin L. Albert, Loraine K. Obler and Lisa Tabor Connor. 2007. Change in lexical retrieval skills in adulthood. The Mental Lexicon 2:2, pp. 215–238
We conducted multivariate random-effect analyses on longitudinal data from 238 adults, ranging in age from 30 to 94, who were tested on five lexical tests over a period of 20 years to examine (a) the relations between lemma and lexeme retrieval as manifested in different tests of lexical retrieval… read more | Article