M. Teresa Bajo

List of John Benjamins publications for which M. Teresa Bajo plays a role.


Valdés Kroff, Jorge R., Paola E. Dussias, Chip Gerfen, Lauren Perrotti and M. Teresa Bajo 2017 Experience with code-switching modulates the use of grammatical gender during sentence processingLinguistic Approaches to Bilingualism 7:2, pp. 163–198 | Article
Using code-switching as a tool to illustrate how language experience modulates comprehension, the visual world paradigm was employed to examine the extent to which gender-marked Spanish determiners facilitate upcoming target nouns in a group of Spanish-English bilingual code-switchers. The first… read more
Morales, Julia, Carlos J. Gómez-Ariza and M. Teresa Bajo 2016 Chapter 11. Multi-component perspective of cognitive control in bilingualismCognitive Control and Consequences of Multilingualism, Schwieter, John W. (ed.), pp. 271–296 | Article
In this chapter, we outline a novel approach to investigating the relation between bilingualism and executive functioning that may circumvent some limitations of previous studies. Whereas previous research has mainly focused on exploring isolated components of executive control (mainly inhibitory… read more
Díaz-Galaz, Stephanie, Presentacion Padilla and M. Teresa Bajo 2015 The role of advance preparation in simultaneous interpreting: A comparison of professional interpreters and interpreting studentsInterpreting 17:1, pp. 1–25 | Article
Current comprehension models recognize the role of prior topic-specific knowledge in the processing of general and specialized discourse (e.g. Gernsbacher 1990; Johnson-Laird 1983; Kintsch 1988). In interpreting, there is widespread consensus that interpreters work better when they prepare in… read more
López Gómez, María José, M. Teresa Bajo, Presentación Padilla Benítez and Julio Santiago de Torres 2007 Predicting proficiency in signed language interpreting: A preliminary studyInterpreting 9:1, pp. 71–93 | Article
An empirical study was designed to identify which perceptual-motor, cognitive and personality factors may underlie both acquisition of a signed language as a B language and development of signed language interpreting skills. If abilities that are potentially needed are found, a previous assessment… read more
Bajo, M. Teresa, Francisca Padilla and Presentacion Padilla 2000 Comprehension processes in simultaneous interpretingTranslation in Context: Selected papers from the EST Congress, Granada 1998, Chesterman, Andrew, Natividad Gallardo San Salvador and Yves Gambier (eds.), pp. 127 ff. | Article