David S. Rood

List of John Benjamins publications for which David S. Rood plays a role.


Lessons from Documented Endangered Languages

Edited by K. David Harrison, David S. Rood and Arienne Dwyer

[Typological Studies in Language, 78] 2008. vi, 375 pp.
Subjects Theoretical linguistics | Typology

Linguistic Diversity and Language Theories

Edited by Zygmunt Frajzyngier, Adam Hodges and David S. Rood

[Studies in Language Companion Series, 72] 2005. xii, 432 pp.
Subjects Theoretical linguistics


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Frajzyngier, Zygmunt and David S. Rood 2005 IntroductionLinguistic Diversity and Language Theories, Frajzyngier, Zygmunt, Adam Hodges and David S. Rood (eds.), pp. vii ff.
Rood, David S. 2005 Wichita Word Formation: Syntactic MorphologyMorphology and its demarcations: Selected papers from the 11th Morphology meeting, Vienna, February 2004, Dressler, Wolfgang U., Dieter Kastovsky, Oskar E. Pfeiffer and Franz Rainer (eds.), pp. 1–15
Rood, David S. 2002 23. Polysynthetic word formation: Wichita contributions to the morphology/syntax debateMorphology 2000: Selected papers from the 9th Morphology Meeting, Vienna, 24–28 February 2000, Bendjaballah, Sabrina, Wolfgang U. Dressler, Oskar E. Pfeiffer and Maria D. Voeikova (eds.), pp. 293–304