Janet Bavelas

List of John Benjamins publications for which Janet Bavelas plays a role.


Bavelas, Janet and Nicole Chovil 2018 Some pragmatic functions of conversational facial gestures Gesture 17:1, pp. 98–127 | Article
Conversational facial gestures are not emotional expressions (Ekman, 1997). Facial gestures are co-speech gestures – configurations of the face, eyes, and/or head that are synchronized with words and other co-speech gestures. Facial gestures are the most frequent facial actions in dialogue, and… read more
Holler, Judith and Janet Bavelas 2017 Chapter 10. Multi-modal communication of common ground: A review of social functionsWhy Gesture?: How the hands function in speaking, thinking and communicating, Church, Ruth Breckinridge, Martha W. Alibali and Spencer D. Kelly (eds.), pp. 213–240 | Chapter
Abstract Until recently, the literature on common ground depicted its influence as a purely verbal phenomenon. We review current research on how common ground influences gesture. With informative exceptions, most experiments found that speakers used fewer gestures as well as fewer… read more
Bavelas, Janet, Jennifer Gerwing and Sara Healing 2014 Including facial gestures in gesture-speech ensemblesFrom Gesture in Conversation to Visible Action as Utterance: Essays in honor of Adam Kendon, Seyfeddinipur, Mandana and Marianne Gullberg (eds.), pp. 15–34 | Article
Conversational facial gestures fit Kendon’s (2004) specifications of the functions of hand gestures. We illustrate how facial gestures in dialogue, like hand gestures, convey referential content as well as serving pragmatic, interpersonal and interactive functions. Hand and facial gestures often… read more
Bavelas, Janet and Sara Healing 2013 Reconciling the effects of mutual visibility on gesturing: A reviewGesture 13:1, pp. 63–92 | Article
Fourteen visibility experiments, which compared the overall rate of gesturing when participants could or could not see each other, have produced perfectly contradictory results: Seven found a significantly higher overall gesture rate in the visible condition, and seven found no significant… read more
Bavelas, Janet, Jennifer Gerwing, Meredith Allison and Chantelle Sutton 2011 Chapter 4. Dyadic evidence for grounding with abstract deictic gesturesIntegrating Gestures: The interdisciplinary nature of gesture, Stam, Gale and Mika Ishino (eds.), pp. 49–60 | Chapter
Speakers use gestures to communicate within a dialogue, not as isolated individuals. We therefore analyzed gestural communication within dyadic dialogues. Specifically, we microanalyzed grounding (the sequence of steps by which speaker and addressee ensure their mutual understanding) in a task that… read more
Bavelas, Janet 2007 12 Face-to-face Dialogue as a Micro-social Context: The Example of Motor MimicryGesture and the Dynamic Dimension of Language: Essays in honor of David McNeill, Duncan, Susan D., Justine Cassell and Elena T. Levy (eds.), pp. 127–146 | Chapter
Gerwing, Jennifer and Janet Bavelas 2005 Linguistic influences on gesture’s formGesture 4:2, pp. 157–195 | Article
Hand gestures in face-to-face dialogue are symbolic acts, integrated with speech. Little is known about the factors that determine the physical form of these gestures. When the gesture depicts a previous nonsymbolic action, it obviously resembles this action; however, such gestures are not only… read more
Bavelas, Janet, Christine Kenwood, Trudy Johnson and Bruce Phillips 2002 An experimental study of when and how speakers use gestures to communicateGesture 2:1, pp. 1–17 | Article
This experiment expanded the visual availability paradigm by subsuming it under the broader principle of recipient design. We varied recipient design by asking speakers to describe a picture to someone who would see a videotape of their description or only hear an audiotape. Second, speakers… read more