Judith Rosenhouse

List of John Benjamins publications for which Judith Rosenhouse plays a role.


Rosenhouse, Judith 2023 The Little Prince: A study of its translations into Hebrew and ArabicBabel 69:2, pp. 242–265 | Article
This paper studies translations of Antoine de Saint Exupéry’s The Little Prince into Hebrew and Arabic, genealogically related Semitic languages. The discussion in the paper focuses on three questions related to subjects already raised in the translation literature: What does the word count of… read more
Due to various reasons, proper names (personal names) are often considered a separate group within the noun category of a language. Nowadays, foreign names are much more wide-spread, perhaps, than ever before. This fact causes pronunciation difficulties to speakers in the native-language… read more
Bensoussan, Marsha and Judith Rosenhouse 1990 Evaluating student translations by discourse analysisBabel 36:2, pp. 65–84 | Article
La traduction d'un texte a été utilisée pour evaluer sa compréhension par 62 étudiants de premiere année a l'Université de Haifa. Ils ont traduit un texte narratif d'anglais de 530 mots en leur langue maternelle, soit hébreu (31) soit arabe (31). Les traductions des étudiants ont été examinées… read more