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Summary This paper provides a sketch of the main syntactic properties of verbs selecting a time‑related noun as their argument, in order to be able to distinguish them, during automatic text processing, from formally identical adverbs that present the internal structure of a noun phrase. read more | Article
Baptista, Jorge 2004 Instrument Nouns and Fusion: Predicative nouns designating violent actionsLexique, Syntaxe et Lexique-Grammaire / Syntax, Lexis & Lexicon-Grammar: Papers in honour of Maurice Gross, Leclère, Christian, Éric Laporte, Mireille Piot and Max Silberztein (eds.), pp. 31–40
Many predicative nouns selecting the support verb dar (to give) in Portuguese allow Conversion, a passive-like transformation, with the support verb levar (to take, to get). Among these, a significant number are related with concrete instrument nouns and expresses violent action predicates. These… read more | Article
Eleutério, Samuel, Helena Freire, Elisabete Ranchhod and Jorge Baptista 1995 A System of Electronic Dictionaries of PortugueseLingvisticæ Investigationes 19:1, pp. 57–82
In this paper we present the state of development of DIGRAMA, a system of electronic dictionaries and grammars of Portuguese. We describe briefly the general characteristics of the system, concentrating then on the analysis of two dictionary modules: DIGRAS and DIGRAF. The former is a dictionary of… read more | Article