Caroline Coffin

List of John Benjamins publications for which Caroline Coffin plays a role.


Coffin, Caroline and Kieran O'Halloran 2006 The role of appraisal and corpora in detecting covert evaluationFunctions of Language 13:1, pp. 77–110
‘Dog-whistle politics’ is a phrase that has recently been coined to capture a form of covert evaluation. This is where political communication seemingly uses neutral meanings but where in fact a negative message is likely to be ‘heard’ by the target community (Manning 2004). This article explores… read more | Article
Coffin, Caroline, Clare Painter and Ann Hewings 2005 Argumentation in a multi party asynchronous computer mediated conference: A generic analysisLanguage and Social Life: Functional perspectives, Love, Kristina (ed.), pp. 41–63
This paper draws on systemic functional linguistic genre analysis to illuminate the way in which postgraduate applied linguistics students structure their argumentation within a multi party asynchronous computer mediated conference. Two conference discussions within the same postgraduate course are… read more | Article