Tonya N. Stebbins

List of John Benjamins publications for which Tonya N. Stebbins plays a role.


Easton, Catherine L. and Tonya N. Stebbins 2015 Chapter 12. On becoming an object of study: Legitimization in the discipline of LinguisticsLanguage Structure and Environment: Social, cultural, and natural factors, De Busser, Rik and Randy J. LaPolla (eds.), pp. 319–352 | Article
It is widely understood that the socio-historical contexts of languages have a direct bearing on their structures and on the types of stance that communities take in relation to them. Within the discipline of linguistics these socio-historical contexts and their impacts on communities’ use and… read more
Efforts to strengthen endangered languages very often involve vernacular literacy. Although the development of written materials can be of benefit to communities, the process of developing a written standard is frequently long and complex. This paper describes the development of writing in… read more
Stebbins, Tonya N. 1996 An analysis of false startsAustralian Review of Applied Linguistics 19:1, pp. 111–127 | Article
This paper considers the various environments in which false starts may be found (turn control, same turn repair and other disfluencies). It is argued that false starts represent disfluencies at many different levels of discourse. Furthermore, false starts occur for a number of different reasons,… read more