Richard van Gerrevink

List of John Benjamins publications for which Richard van Gerrevink plays a role.


Gerrevink, Richard van and Helen de Hoop 2011 On the interaction of tense, aspect and modality in DutchBidirectional Optimality Theory, Benz, Anton and Jason Mattausch (eds.), pp. 151–168
In this chapter the interplay between tense, aspect and modality in the interpretation of modal auxiliaries in three different past tenses in Dutch is studied. After discussing the semantic effects of these factors separately, it is shown that each factor exerts a different, conflicting force on… read more | Article
Foolen, Ad, Richard van Gerrevink, Lotte Hogeweg and Peia Prawiro-Atmodjo 2009 The placement of focus particles in DutchLinguistics in the Netherlands 2009, Botma, Bert and Jacqueline van Kampen (eds.), pp. 51–63