Julie Coleman

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Subjects English linguistics | Germanic linguistics | Historical linguistics | Lexicography | Semantics


Coleman, Julie 2011 Online dictionaries of English slangWords in Dictionaries and History: Essays in honour of R.W. McConchie, Timofeeva, Olga and Tanja Säily (eds.), pp. 109–128
This paper presents a range of online dictionaries of English slang, and considers their search facilities, coverage and reliability, as well as practical factors involved in setting up and maintaining these resources. A selection of slang terms from Britain and the United States is used to explore… read more | Article
This paper is a re-examination of Howard N. Rose’s Thesaurus of Slang (1934): of its purpose, structure, contents, reliability, and sources. Contemporary reviewers were largely unimpressed, and their criticisms are also considered. Despite its undoubtedly poor quality, Rose’s work provides some… read more | Article