Sandra Benazzo

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Subjects Cognition and language | Language acquisition | Multilingualism


In research on information structure and discourse cohesion, contrast has been defined in different ways, depending on the pragmatic/semantic relation established between the propositions involved in the contrast, on the text types and on other discourse conditions. As a whole, despite – or… read more
Dimroth, Christine and Sandra Benazzo 2018 Chapter 11. Developing strategies for encoding additive and contrastive relations in French and German child narrativesFocus Realization in Romance and Beyond, García García, Marco and Melanie Uth (eds.), pp. 313–356 | Chapter
Speakers of French and German differ in their preferred choice of information components for establishing contrastive and additive discourse relations. Whereas French speakers tend to relate and compare discourse entities to each other across utterances, German speakers prefer to relate and compare… read more
Morgenstern, Aliyah, Marion Blondel, Pauline Beaupoil-Hourdel, Sandra Benazzo, Dominique Boutet, Angelika Kochan and Fanny Limousin 2018 Chapter 16. The blossoming of negation in gesture, sign and oral productionsSources of Variation in First Language Acquisition: Languages, contexts, and learners, Hickmann, Maya †, Edy Veneziano and Harriet Jisa (eds.), pp. 339–364 | Chapter
Negation constructions in longitudinal adult-child data are an excellent source for the study of multimodality in language acquisition. First negative constructions seem to take over from early forms of rejection and avoidance, but tracing the transitions between actions and gestures, and between… read more
While the impact of cross-linguistic influence in the L2 use of verb morphology has been widely recognized, less is known about its role when optional temporal markers are involved. By means of a retelling task (The Finite Story), our study compares the use of optional markers of continuation and… read more
Benazzo, Sandra and Cédric Patin 2017 Chapter 4. French additive particle aussi: Does prosody matter?Focus on Additivity: Adverbial modifiers in Romance, Germanic and Slavic languages, De Cesare, Anna-Maria and Cecilia Andorno (eds.), pp. 107–136 | Chapter
The goal of this study is to determine whether prosody contributes to the discrimination of meaning in sentences with the French additive particle aussi (‘also’). Previous research has highlighted the frequent use of this particle in structurally ambiguous positions, especially in spoken data,… read more
Our study compares the expression of additive relations in oral native (French, Italian, Russian) and non-native discourse (French L2), elicited with the same visual stimulus. On the basis of a comparative analysis of native productions, we argue that, in additive contexts, Russian clearly shares… read more
Benazzo, Sandra and Aliyah Morgenstern 2014 A bilingual child’s multimodal path into negationGesture 14:2, pp. 171–202 | Article
The study of the expression of negation in longitudinal adult-child data is a privileged locus for a multimodal approach to language acquisition. In the case of bilingual language acquisition, the necessity to enter two languages at once might have an influence on the management of the… read more
This paper aims to study perspective-taking in L2 discourse at the level of utterance information structure. Many studies have shown how principles of discourse organization partly reflect lexico-grammatical structures available in a given language, and how difficult it is to reorganize L1… read more
Benazzo, Sandra and Cecilia Andorno 2010 Discourse cohesion and Topic discontinuity in native and learner production: Changing topic entities on maintained predicatesEUROSLA Yearbook: Volume 10 (2010), Roberts, Leah, Martin Howard, Muiris Ó Laoire and David Singleton (eds.), pp. 92–118 | Article
In order to realize text cohesion, speakers have to select specific information units and mark their informational status within the discourse; this results in specific, language-particular perspective-taking, linked to typological differences (Slobin 1996). A previous study on native speakers’… read more
Benazzo, Sandra 2002 Communicative potential vs. structural constraints: Explanatory factors for the acquisition of scope particlesEUROSLA Yearbook: Volume 2 (2002), Foster-Cohen, Susan H., Tanja Ruthenberg and Marie Louise Poschen (eds.), pp. 187–204 | Article
This study investigates the acquisition of scope items such as ‘only’, ‘even’, ‘also’, ‘still’, ‘again’, ‘already’ etc. in the longitudinal data of untutored second language learners of English, French and German. These items are found to appear in a fixed sequence: additive/restrictive > iterative… read more