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Subjects Translation Studies
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Dunne, Keiran J. 2018 Chapter 2.4. LocalisationA History of Modern Translation Knowledge: Sources, concepts, effects, D’hulst, Lieven and Yves Gambier (eds.), pp. 123–125 | Chapter
Much has written by scholars on translation as product and as process, but relatively little attention has been paid to translation as a commercial service, business or industry. This article proposes a modest step in this direction by using microeconomics as a window through which to examine the… read more
In recognition of the importance of time as a project constraint, this chapter discusses time and schedule management in translation and localization projects. It begins by considering the schedule as an explanatory and forecasting model of project execution. The chapter then discusses the standard… read more
This chapter discusses the challenges of customer-focused quality management in outsourced translation and localization projects. Current quality management theory, which frames quality in terms of customer satisfaction, suggests that quality cannot be defined, but rather must be modeled based on… read more
Dunne, Keiran J. and Elena S. Dunne 2011 Mapping terra incognita: Project management in the discipline of translation studiesTranslation and Localization Project Management: The art of the possible, Dunne, Keiran J. and Elena S. Dunne (eds.), pp. 1–14 | Article
Dunne, Keiran J. 2006 Introduction: A Copernican revolutionPerspectives on Localization, Dunne, Keiran J. (ed.), pp. 1–11 | Article
Dunne, Keiran J. 2006 Putting the cart behind the horse: Rethinking localization quality managementPerspectives on Localization, Dunne, Keiran J. (ed.), pp. 95–117 | Article