Tom Morton

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Applied Linguistics Perspectives on CLIL

Edited by Ana Llinares and Tom Morton

[Language Learning & Language Teaching, 47] 2017. vi, 317 pp.
Subjects Applied linguistics | Computational & corpus linguistics | Language acquisition | Language teaching


This paper reports a study carried out in the context of a seminar designed to build teachers’ knowledge of content and language integration for assessment in a bilingual education program in Madrid, Spain. The participants were seven teachers (two primary, five secondary) of English and science… read more
This chapter explores language alternation (LA) practices in peer interaction in a CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) science classroom in the context of recent calls for rethinking language use in multilingual education, notably the concept of “translanguaging”. While most studies… read more
Llinares, Ana and Tom Morton 2017 Speech function analysis to explore CLIL students’ spoken language for knowledge constructionApplied Linguistics Perspectives on CLIL, Llinares, Ana and Tom Morton (eds.), pp. 125–144 | Article
This chapter focuses on the register variable of tenor within systemic functional linguistics (SFL) to examine spoken interaction involving secondary CLIL history learners in two contexts: one-to-one interviews with a researcher, and role-plays with peers. Tenor refers to the role relationship… read more
Morton, Tom and Ana Llinares 2017 Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL): Type of programme or pedagogical model?Applied Linguistics Perspectives on CLIL, Llinares, Ana and Tom Morton (eds.), pp. 1–16 | Article
One of the most challenging issues in all types of content-based instruction is teachers’ perceived lack of pedagogical content knowledge necessary for effective content and language integration. This is linked to a lack of adequate provision for teacher preparation in these programs. This article… read more
Walsh, Steve, Tom Morton and Anne O'Keeffe 2011 Analysing university spoken interaction: A CL/CA approachApplying Corpus Linguistics, Farr, Fiona and Anne O'Keeffe (eds.), pp. 325–345 | Article
In this article, we consider how corpus linguistics (CL) and conversation analysis (CA) can be used together to provide enhanced descriptions of spoken interaction in the context of small group teaching in higher education. From our analysis of the data, we show how the two approaches can be… read more
Morton, Tom 2010 Using a genre-based approach to integrating content and language in CLIL: The example of secondary historyLanguage Use and Language Learning in CLIL Classrooms, Dalton-Puffer, Christiane, Tarja Nikula and Ute Smit (eds.), pp. 81–104 | Article
This chapter proposes that a genre-based pedagogy could provide at least a partial framework for a language curriculum in CLIL. It starts from the idea that an important aspect of learning an academic subject is that of being a user of the different text types or genres through which the subject… read more