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Corpus Linguistics and Education in Australia

Edited by Alexandra I. García, Peter Crosthwaite and Monika Bednarek

Special issue of Australian Review of Applied Linguistics 43:2 (2020) v, 119 pp.
Subjects Applied linguistics | Corpus linguistics | Discourse studies | Language acquisition | Language policy | Language teaching | Multilingualism | Pragmatics | Translation Studies | Writing and literacy
Subjects Applied linguistics | Corpus linguistics | English linguistics | Germanic linguistics | Language acquisition | Language teaching


This paper uses a bibliometric analysis to map the field of Corpus Linguistics (CL) research in arts and humanities over the last 20 years, tracking changes in popular CL research topics, outlets, highly cited authors, and geographical origins based on the metadata of 5,829 CL-related articles from… read more | Article
Children’s writing development is a matter of concern for Australian and other education systems. Factors related to the nature of writing as a literate skill, school writing pedagogy, and diminishing role of writing in a screen-dominant environment may account for this educational concern. What… read more | Article
Wingrove, Peter and Peter Crosthwaite. 2022. Multi-Dimensional Exploratory Factor Analysis of TED talks. Register Studies 4:1, pp. 91–131
This article conducts Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA) on a corpus of TED talks (2463 talks, across 427 topic tags) to create a new Multi-Dimensional model. The resultant model contained seven dimensions: i. ‘Spontaneous involved versus edited informational discourse’, ii. ‘Abstract… read more | Article
Bednarek, Monika, Peter Crosthwaite and Alexandra I. García. 2020. Corpus linguistics and education in Australia. Corpus Linguistics and Education in Australia, García, Alexandra I., Peter Crosthwaite and Monika Bednarek (eds.), pp. 105–116
Crosthwaite, Peter. 2020. Taking DDL online: Designing, implementing and evaluating a SPOC on data-driven learning for tertiary L2 writing. Corpus Linguistics and Education in Australia, García, Alexandra I., Peter Crosthwaite and Monika Bednarek (eds.), pp. 169–195
This paper describes the rationale, design and implementation of a short private online course (SPOC) on data-driven learning (DDL) (Johns, 1991), focusing on L2 error correction in postgraduate academic writing and involving over 300 registered users. I discuss the affordances of using a SPOC… read more | Article
This paper adopts the Integrated Contrastive Model (Granger 1996) to an examination of the use of articles in the L2 English written production of L1 speakers of three article-less languages (Mandarin Chinese, Korean and Thai) across four L2 proficiency levels. Data is sourced from the… read more | Article