Ying Wang

Ying Wang

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Subjects Corpus linguistics | English linguistics | Germanic linguistics | Language acquisition | Theoretical linguistics


This study investigated the role of teacher feedback in presenting students’ voice and writing quality of personal statements (PSs). PSs are essays intended to grant writers’ admission into graduate programs. Twenty third-year undergraduate students majoring in English participated in this study. read more | Article
Composite predicates (CPs), that is, complex predicate structures comprising a light verb and an eventive noun (e.g., make a move or give a speech) are common in Present-day English and are particularly characteristic of spoken language. The aim of the paper is to trace language changes involving… read more | Article
Wang, Ying. 2017. Chapter 6. Lexical bundles in news discourse 1784–1983. Diachronic Developments in English News Discourse, Palander-Collin, Minna, Maura Ratia and Irma Taavitsainen (eds.), pp. 97–116
This paper aims to identify and trace the development of four-word lexical bundles characterising news discourse, using a corpus of news articles published in The Times of London between 1784 and 1983. In terms of frequency, there has been an increase until the end of the nineteenth century,… read more | Chapter
This corpus-based study explored the effects of two factors – genre (i.e. speech event type) and disciplinary variation – on spoken academic ELF, from the perspective of lexical bundles (i.e. recurrent word combinations). The material was drawn from a corpus of transcribed spoken academic lingua… read more | Article