Atiqa Hachimi

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Subjects Afro-Asiatic languages | Theoretical linguistics


Ali, Abdel-Khalig and Atiqa Hachimi 2022 IntroductionPerspectives on Arabic Linguistics XXXIII: Papers selected from the Annual Symposium on Arabic Linguistics, Toronto, Canada, 2019, Ali, Abdel-Khalig and Atiqa Hachimi (eds.), pp. ix–xvi | Chapter
This paper explores contestation in digital metalinguistic discourse from the perspective of the Maghreb-Mashreq language ideology – the unequal relationship between North African and Middle Eastern vernacular Arabic varieties. Specifically, the paper examines a Facebook page dedicated to the… read more
Hachimi, Atiqa 2001 Arabic. Shifting sands: Language and gender in Moroccan ArabicGender Across Languages: The linguistic representation of women and men, Hellinger, Marlis and Hadumod Bußmann (eds.), pp. 27–51 | Article
1.Introduction 2. Sociolinguistic perspectives: Multiglossia and multilingualism 3. A brief comparison of Moroccan Arabic with other varieties of Arabic 4. Grammatical gender in Moroccan Arabic 4.1 Feminine and masculine gender 4.2 Grammatical gender in human nouns 4.3 … read more