Patrick John Corness

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The Art of Translation

Jiří Levý †

[Benjamins Translation Library, 97] 2011. xxviii, 322 pp.
Subjects Translation Studies


Corness, Patrick John 2020 Two English translations of Jaroslav Kvapil’s Rusalka librettoOpera in Translation: Unity and diversity, Şerban, Adriana and Kelly Kar Yue Chan (eds.), pp. 291–313
This study investigates two translations into English of Jaroslav Kvapil’s Rusalka libretto, set to music by Antonín Dvořák: the singing translation in verse by Daphne Rusbridge (1954) and Paula Kennedy’s (1998) prose translation. It identifies sources in mythologies and folk tales, and outlines… read more | Chapter
Corness, Patrick John 2002 Multiconcord: A computer tool for cross-linguistic researchLexis in Contrast: Corpus-based approaches, Altenberg, Bengt and Sylviane Granger (eds.), pp. 307–326