Jens Allwood

List of John Benjamins publications for which Jens Allwood plays a role.

Book series


Controversies and Interdisciplinarity: Beyond disciplinary fragmentation for a new knowledge model

Edited by Jens Allwood, Olga Pombo, Clara Renna and Giovanni Scarafile

[Controversies, 16] 2020. vi, 279 pp.
Subjects Philosophy

Cognitive Semantics: Meaning and cognition

Edited by Jens Allwood and Peter Gärdenfors

[Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, 55] 1999. x, 201 pp.
Subjects Cognition and language | Semantics


Allwood, Jens 2022 Action theoryHandbook of Pragmatics: Manual, Verschueren, Jef and Jan-Ola Östman (eds.), pp. 35–37 | Chapter
Allwood, Jens, Olga Pombo and Giovanni Scarafile 2020 Introduction. Crossing borderlines: Beyond the structure of parallel world viewsControversies and Interdisciplinarity: Beyond disciplinary fragmentation for a new knowledge model, Allwood, Jens, Olga Pombo, Clara Renna and Giovanni Scarafile (eds.), pp. 1–4 | Chapter
Allwood, Jens, Elisabeth Ahlsén, Isabella Poggi, Laura Vincze and Francesca D’Errico 2014 Vagueness, unspecificity, and approximation. Cognitive and lexical aspects in English, Swedish, and ItalianCertainty-uncertainty – and the Attitudinal Space in Between, Cantarini, Sibilla, Werner Abraham and Elisabeth Leiss (eds.), pp. 265–284 | Article
This paper investigates the cognitive and semantic nature of vagueness, unspecificity, and approximation (vagueness related phenomena) by examining some of the linguistic expressions connected with these phenomena in English, Swedish and Italian. Certain mental states during discourse production… read more
Allwood, Jens 2013 A multidimensional activity based approach to communicationAlignment in Communication: Towards a new theory of communication, Wachsmuth, Ipke, Jan de Ruiter, Petra Jaecks and Stefan Kopp (eds.), pp. 33–56 | Article
This paper describes a multidimensional activity approach to communication. One of the goals of the approach is to clarify some of the relations that exist between cognition and communication, in terms of the degrees of awareness, intentional control, speed and types of content that occur in… read more
Allwood, Jens 2012 Cognition, communication, and readiness for languageCulture – Language – Cognition, Dascal, Marcelo † (ed.), pp. 334–355 | Article
This review article discusses some problems and needs for clarification that are connected with the use of the concepts culture, language, tool, and communication in Daniel Everett’s recently published book, Language: The Cultural Tool. It also discusses whether the idea of biological readiness and… read more
The aim of much linguistic research is to determine the grammar and the lexicon of a certain language L. The spoken variant of L – in so far as it is considered at all – is generally taken to be just another projection of the same grammar and lexicon. We suspect that this assumption may be wrong.… read more
Allwood, Jens 2000 An activity-based approach to pragmaticsAbduction, Belief and Context in Dialogue: Studies in computational pragmatics, Bunt, Harry and William Black (eds.), pp. 47–80 | Article
Allwood, Jens 2000 1. The Structure of DialogueThe Structure of Multimodal Dialogue II, Taylor, M. Martin, Françoise Néel and Don Bouwhuis (eds.), pp. 3 ff. | Article
Allwood, Jens 1999 Semantics as Meaning Determination with Semantic-Epistemic OperationsCognitive Semantics: Meaning and cognition, Allwood, Jens and Peter Gärdenfors (eds.), pp. 1 ff. | Article
Allwood, Jens 1996 On Wallace Chafe's "How consciousness shapes language"On Language and Consciousness, Jackendoff, Ray and Wallace Chafe, pp. 55–64 | Discussion
It is argued that Wallace Chafe's approach of relating studies of mind and consciousness to studies of real spoken language interaction is precisely what is needed in linguistics and psycholinguistics. However, the way Chafe attempts to establish the link between spoken language and consciousness… read more
Allwood, Jens 1995 Action theoryHandbook of Pragmatics: Manual, Verschueren, Jef, Jan-Ola Östman and Jan Blommaert † (eds.), pp. 26–28 | Article