Mary C. Dyson

List of John Benjamins publications for which Mary C. Dyson plays a role.



Text designers are likely to benefit from guidance on how to use typographic differentiation for emphasis. Three experiments use purposely-designed fonts to explore the size and nature of differences in the stylistic characteristics of fonts (weight, width, contrast, italic) which affect letter… read more
This study uses preference measurements to compare participants’ perceptions of nine versions of on-screen instructions and aims to discover the ones users consider to be the clearest and most comfortable to use. Instructions are divided into 3 categories: composite instructions, synoptic… read more
Spinillo, Carla G. and Mary C. Dyson 2001 An exploratory study of reading procedural pictorial sequencesTheme: Pictograms, pp. 154–168 | Article
This paper presents the results of an exploratory study into the influence of picture content and verbal language reading directions on reading procedural pictorial sequences. A sequence of four pictures representing the procedure hrow away after use as tested in four graphic configurations… read more