Maria Kuteeva

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Ongoing debates in the humanities and social sciences concern different ways in which knowledge is viewed and constructed. As the main language of academic publication, English features prominently in these debates. In this Perspectives piece, I discuss how knowledge flows and language uses are… read more
Hultgren, Anna Kristina, Nathaniel Owen, Prithvi Shrestha, Maria Kuteeva and Špela Mežek 2022 Assessment and English as a medium of instruction: Challenges and opportunitiesJournal of English-Medium Instruction 1:1, pp. 105–123 | Article
As English as a Medium of Instruction (EMI) continues to expand across the globe, there is a glaring absence of research on assessment. This article reviews the scarce literature to date and maps out a research agenda for the future. Drawing on Shohamy’s (2001, 2007) Critical Language Testing and… read more