John H. Connolly

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The central issue addressed in this paper concerns the design of an appropriate contextual framework to support a dynamic implementation of FDG. The first part of the paper is concerned with the internal structure of the contextual framework. A particular hierarchical structure for the analysis… read more
Connolly, John H. 2014 Recontextualisation, resemiotisation and their analysis in terms of an FDG-based frameworkThe interaction between context and grammar in Functional Discourse Grammar, Alturo, Nuria, Evelien Keizer and Lluís Payrató (eds.), pp. 377–397 | Article
“Recontextualisation” is the process whereby content that has been given expression in one context (the “source” context) is subsequently reused in a different context (the “destination” context). It is often accompanied by “resemiotisation”, the process whereby content is lifted from one text… read more
Connolly, John H. 2013 Conceptual representation and formulation: A computationally oriented approachCasebook in Functional Discourse Grammar, Mackenzie, J. Lachlan and Hella Olbertz (eds.), pp. 125–154 | Article
The chapter begins with an outline of the Conceptual Component of FDG, in the context of the broader model of verbal interaction of which it forms part. Particular attention is paid to the issue of prelinguistic intentions, and proposals are made as to how these may be represented in a sufficiently… read more
Connolly, John H. 2008 Review of Anstey & Mackenzie (2005): Crucial readings in Functional GrammarEvaluation in text types, Bednarek, Monika (ed.), pp. 131–141 | Review
In order to achieve an integrated pragmatic model of the use of natural language, an account is needed of the interplay between grammar and context in the formulation and interpretation of utterances. The purpose of this chapter is to outline how such an accountmay be developed forModern English.… read more
Connolly, John H. 1998 Information, Situation Semantics and Functional GrammarFunctional Grammar and Verbal Interaction, Hannay, Mike and A. Machtelt Bolkestein (eds.), pp. 167 ff. | Article
Connolly, John H. 1983 Review of Wells (1982): Accents of EnglishEnglish World-Wide 4:1, pp. 103–106 | Review