Angelika Ottmann

List of John Benjamins publications for which Angelika Ottmann plays a role.


Canfora, Carmen and Angelika Ottmann. 2020. Risks in neural machine translation. Fair MT: Towards ethical, sustainable Machine Translation, Moorkens, Joss, Dorothy Kenny and Félix do Carmo (eds.), pp. 58–77
The new paradigm of neural machine translation is leading to profound changes in the translation industry. Surprisingly good results have led to high expectations; however, there are substantial risks that have not yet been sufficiently taken into account. Risks exist on three levels: first, what… read more | Article
Risk management for translations is a relatively new topic in translation science. Damages caused by translation errors can have grave consequences for all agents involved in the translation process, especially in safety-critical sectors. In these sectors, effective models and instruments for risk… read more | Article