Jenny Cook-Gumperz

List of John Benjamins publications for which Jenny Cook-Gumperz plays a role.


Cook-Gumperz, Jenny and John J. Gumperz 2012 The public face of language: Why spelling mattersPragmaticizing Understanding: Studies for Jef Verschueren, Meeuwis, Michael and Jan-Ola Östman (eds.), pp. 197–212 | Article
This chapter looks at the debates surrounding the reform of the German spelling system that took place from the early 1990s through to 2006. Given Germany’s federal system of government such changes, although proposed by a Government appointed Commission, had to be debated, and enacted by each… read more
Cook-Gumperz, Jenny 2011 LiteracyPragmatics in Practice, Östman, Jan-Ola and Jef Verschueren (eds.), pp. 231–247 | Article
Cook-Gumperz, Jenny and John J. Gumperz 2011 Commentary: Frames and contexts: Another look at the macro-micro linkReframing framing: Interaction and the constitution of culture and society, Takanashi, Hiroko and Joseph Sung-Yul Park (eds.), pp. 283–286 | Article
One of the main challenges resulting from the past two decades of shift toward detailed micro-analytic studies of language and interaction has been the awareness of a need to relate microanalysis to wider social-cultural aspects of interactional situations. read more
Cook-Gumperz, Jenny 2005 LiteracyHandbook of Pragmatics: 2003–2005 Installment, Östman, Jan-Ola and Jef Verschueren (eds.), pp. 1–19 | Article
Cook-Gumperz, Jenny 2005 10. Institutional memories: the narrative retelling of a professionel lifeNarrative Interaction, Quasthoff, Uta M. and Tabea Becker (eds.), pp. 243–261 | Chapter
Cook-Gumperz, Jenny 2001 Cooperation, Collaboration and Pleasure in Work: Issues for Intercultural Communication at WorkCulture in Communication: Analyses of intercultural situations, Di Luzio, Aldo, Susanne Günthner and Franca Orletti (eds.), pp. 117 ff. | Article
Cook-Gumperz, Jenny 1999 A Memory of Many MondaysNarrative Inquiry 9:1, pp. 197–202 | Miscellaneous
Cook-Gumperz, Jenny 1992 Gendered ContextsThe Contextualization of Language, Auer, Peter and Aldo Di Luzio (eds.), pp. 177 ff. | Article