Helen Spencer-Oatey

List of John Benjamins publications for which Helen Spencer-Oatey plays a role.



This paper analyses postings made by student applicants on Korean online communities about how best to handle interactions with potential future PhD supervisors at UK universities. The questions they posed reveal the lack of relevant contextual information they experienced, especially around the… read more | Article
Zegarac, Vladimir, Helen Spencer-Oatey and Ema Ushioda 2014 Conceptualizing mindfulness–mindlessness in intercultural interactionInternational Journal of Language and Culture 1:1, pp. 75–97
The concept of ‘mindfulness’ is increasingly used in the intercultural literature and yet so far it is largely just a heterogeneous construct with underspecified theoretical content. In this paper we draw on multidisciplinary perspectives to address this shortcoming and develop an integrated… read more | Article
Chan, Stanley Kam-Chung, Michael Bond, Helen Spencer-Oatey and Mildred A. Rojo-Laurilla 2004 Culture and rapport promotion in service encounters: Protecting the ties that bindJournal of Asian Pacific Communication 14:2, pp. 245–260
The present study aimed at investigating possible cultural effects on the perceived importance of interactional concerns in service encounters. Individual values were examined to establish an explanatory framework for any effects that might emerge. Hong Kong Chinese and Filipinos participated in… read more | Article
Spencer-Oatey, Helen and Jianyu Xing 2004 Rapport management problems in Chinese-British business interactions: A case studyMultilingual Communication, House, Juliane and Jochen Rehbein (eds.), pp. 197–221
Compliments are usually intended to have a positive effect on interpersonal relations, yet for the outcome actually to be positive, both the compliment and the compliment response need to be handled appropriately. This paper focuses on different types of compliment responses, and explores Chinese… read more | Article