Karin Michelson

List of John Benjamins publications for which Karin Michelson plays a role.


Michelson, Karin 2015 Gender in OneidaGender Across Languages: Volume 4, Hellinger, Marlis and Heiko Motschenbacher (eds.), pp. 277–301 | Article
Michelson, Karin 2002 Emotions in OneidaThe Body in Description of Emotion: Cross-linguistic studies, Enfield, N.J. and Anna Wierzbicka (eds.), pp. 185–206 | Article
Oneida has terms for emotions, as well as other mental activities, that include one of three noun roots referring to the mind: ‘mind, thought, spirit’, ‘mind, thought’, and ‘soul’. There are no constructions in Oneida that describe emotions by referring to body organs, other than the mind, or… read more